Sunday, December 14, 2014

Busy First Week in December

The First Week of December was CRAZY, yet Somehow Productive

Monday was Mission Leadership Training.
Tuesday we headed up to Pilot Mountain
with a bit of a pesky emergency.
Bedbugs! Yikes!
Elder Hunt, the Bed Bug Slayer,  saved the day!

The ward mission leader took their old beds
to the landfill and set them on fire!
We brought them new beds, sprayed their apartment and they were happy.

Sister Irwin and Sister Burrows were troopers!

Our next stop was in Winston Salem to the 
Tanglewood Elders Apartment to exchange a broken dryer.

Elder Urban knows his way around the back of a dryer!

He's even smiling as he's doing his work.

We took the Elders out to lunch at Arby's close to their apartment.
That's how we get to know the missionaries better!

We dropped off a package for Sister Messegee in Welcome Ward II.

then headed to Concord to help Sister Nielson and Sister Adams with their dryer.
when we got there, we found that it wasn't our dryer. It belonged to the apartment complex.
Poor Elder Urban only got to replace one dryer this trip!

Love this picture of their feet!
 Here's the rest of them! They are darling yet mighty missionaries!

Elder Hunt, Sister Nielson, Sister Adams and Elder Urban

Sister Hunt, Sister Nielson, Sister Adams and Me.
We love all these missionaries so much!

We are so grateful to the Hunts for all their love and support.
And as a bonus, we laugh a lot and have a great time with them!

Friday, The Hunts, Slades, and Urbans went to close, clean and empty out
an apartment in Catawba, South Carolina. It was a nasty mess and I
was so grateful for the wonderful help from our friends and fellow missionaries!
We couldn't do all this without their help.

The Harrisburg Ward's First Christmas Party

The Jackman Family

Tom and Rhoda Farrell. 
They joined the church a little over a year ago and are true disciples of the Savior. 
The attend the Book of Mormon class and always contribute
wonderful insight into the teachings and stories in the Book of Mormon 
and how to apply those teachings into our lives today. We love them!

Melissa and Dillon belong to the Farrell's

Sister Lovie Flowers, Me and Sister Alice Black.
I really love and admire these beautiful women.
They have amazing resilience and testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

Desserts Galore

Brother John Maier is also in our Book of Mormon class. He's been a
member of the church about 5 years. He's a gentle quiet diligent man.

Brent and Amanda Lambert are on the right hand side of the photo.
He's in the brown sweater and she's in red. They were the first
people to invite us to dinner after we arrived. We really enjoy them!

Clarence Yoo, Kathleen Zaleski, Jaye Maier, and Isabelle Vallery.
Clarence and Kathleen come to our class also.

 Kathleen, and Kaitlyn, Jaye, Isabelle 

 Jenny Fife, the Bishop's wife with her 5 children and a couple extra kids. 
She is a courageous valiant patient woman! Bishop Fife is standing behind her on the left.

 Sheom LaDue with 2 investigators. Sheom is wonderful!

 Sister Zampieron and Sister Carter. We love these sisters!

 Elder Urban with the Sisters

 Elder Cottom, Elder Lyman and Elder Hass

 Elder Cottam, Elder Lyman, Elder Hass, Sister Zampieron and Sister Carter. 
Where's Elder Jorgensen?

And Santa was in the Primary room!

The Bishop's baby was not too sure of this bearded man!

 Our ward's little Giving Tree

 Tom with Kathleen and Kaitlyn Zaleske. We love them!


 Elder Lopez, Tom, and Elder Hettinger (Spanish Elders) photobomb by Noah Flatt

 Elder Lopez and Elder Hettinger

Our little Christmas Tree brightens our apartment.
Snowmen, snowflakes and candycanes add to the Christmas Spirit!

This Christmas season, the church has a wonderful program called, He is the Gift. 
I'm sure that you have heard about it and I hope you've had a chance
to give pass along cards to those you meet.
I had a faith promoting experience last Saturday morning 
as I was putting on my shoes to go to any early morning chiropractic appointment.
I noticed the pass along cards that were on the little table next to me. 
The thought came to my mind, "Pick up those cards and put them in your pocket."
Then I thought, "Give one to Dr. Bill." Immediately I remembered that he was Jewish 
and really doubted that he would be interested. 
However, I did listen and put several in my coat pocket.
When I was with Dr. Bill, he started talking about the state of our country and how
 badly we need Christ in our lives. I looked at him square in the face and asked if he, 
being Jewish believed in Jesus Christ. His response surprised me. He said he was
Messianic and that he does believe that Jesus is the Christ. We had a wonderful gospel
discussion and I told him about my impression earlier that morning.  He accepted the
He is the Gift card and said he would check it out when he got home.
I don't know what the results of this will be but I do testify to you 
that when the Spirit whispers to you, please listen and follow.
The Lord will provide a way to accomplish that which He guides you to do.

"When we keep the spirit of CHristmas, we keep the Spirit of Christ,
for the Christmas spirit is the Christ Spirit. It will block out all the distractions 
around us which can diminish Christmas and swallow up its true meaning."

"There is no better time than now, this very Christmas season, for all of us
to rededicate ourselves to the principle taught by Jesus Christ."

Bless you,our dear family and friends.

Sending our love to y'all.

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