Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Busy Month of May

Elder Butler received a package from the YW in his home ward.
This is a great hat for an Assistant to the President!

Sister Cottis, Sister Williams and Sister Javalera

Vacating Pineville Sisters Apartment with the help of Elder Kemp and Elder Roybal

Reedy Creek Zone Leaders Elder Ibarra and Elder Le Sueur 
unloading furniture at the Storage Unit

Monroe Elder Pottle and Elder Ashby helped us vacate the Sisters apartment in Monroe.

 Sister Allred, Sister Jaycot, Sister Blaylock and Sister Hunt at the Office

Elder Hughes, Elder Snow, Elder Norconk, Elder Merrill
Sister Cottis, Sister Williams, Sister Buckner and Sister Miller
after District Meeting

What started out as Vacating 2 apartments , to Greensboro, Hickory and High Point, 
turned into a "Special Mission Assignent" 
by President Craven
An Adventure with the Hunts in Winston Salem and Greensboro!

Elder Reynolds, the Klinkers and Elder Brown
helped move furniture from the North Wilkesboro Sister apartment

North Wilkesboro with the Hunts and the Klinker

Guilford Courthouse 

General Nathaniel Greene was the commander of the Colonials
during the Revolutionary War

February 1960 Woolworth's  in Greensboro, NC 
The 1st Peaceful Sit In at the Lunch counter in Woolworth's
during the Civil Rights Movement. This proved to be an effective
beginning of de-segregation in the South.

This was a fascinating tour!

I was almost 12 years old and remember this time in history!
Growing up in California, we were very removed from the ugly reality of segregation.

We spent a wonderful Saturday touring Old Salem

President George Washington's handwritten letter to the United Brethren of Wachovia 
after he spent 2 nights in Old Salem in 1791 during his tour of the Southern States.

Sending LOVE to Y'all!