Sunday, May 17, 2015

General Conference on Easter Sunday

This was our last Easter Sunday in North Carolina
and it was a very special day.

We watched the first session of General Conference in our apartment.
Because of the time difference Conference is broadcast between noon and 2 PM 
and the last session is between 4-6 PM.

Conference filled my soul with Truth and Light! 
How grateful I am to live at this time of living Prophets on the earth. 
I know that Jesus is the Christ. 
He is my Savior, my Redeemer and my friend.
My love for Him has grown significantly while serving with Tom
in the North Carolina Charlotte Mission. Our time here has been challenging
to our bodies, our minds and our hearts. Having admitted that, 
I proclaim that my trust is in Him, my dependence is on Him.
This mission has taught me great lessons about myself 
and filled me with gratitude and joy for this sacred opportunity.
I am grateful that I can continue learning and recommitting my life to follow Him.
It has been a joy to work in behalf of the young missionaries and learn from them.
We love them! We honor and respect them! 

As always, Elder Jeffrey R Holland profoundly, yet simply said it best...

Between the Conference sessions,
we were invited to have Easter dinner with  Kathleen and Kaitlyn Zaleske
and the beautiful Griffin Family at the Zaleske home in Harrisburg.
We love these dear families and were happy to spend this
sacred holiday with them.


The next door neighbors, the Flatt's, Russian Mastiv! He's huge!

The Dogwood Trees begin blooming just about Easter every year.
After being introduced to them last year, I was so happy to see them again.

Spring also bring gorgeous wisteria trees blossoms all throughout Charlotte.
I loved seeing these special trees everywhere...

Though it's been more than a month since Easter,
the special memories of that day remind me
of the blessings of being in North Carolina.

Sending our love to Y'all!

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