Sunday, February 8, 2015

Happy 10th Anniversary

Thursday February 10, 2005
Tom and I eloped to Provo and were married in the Judge's home.

Pat Sitterud and Jan Holiday became bridesmaids, witnesses and photographers
 with just a couple hours notice! 

This was just the beginning of many wonderful adventures together.
Grateful and blessed to have this great man to share my life with!

I hadn't intended to reminisce so much but I just couldn't stop
once I started thinking about the last 10 years.
I guess it's alright to indulge ourselves once in awhile
and I've thoroughly enjoyed looking through many photos 
of our life together. It's been a sweet experience for me.

1st Anniversary celebrating at the Grand America and The Roof Restaurant
overlooking the Salt Lake Temple.

2nd Anniversary  Michael Ballam sang to us while we were cruising in Australia and New Zealand!

Kayaking on the Tasman Sea

Antarctic Center in Christchurch, New Zealand

3rd Anniversary we were on a Caribbean Cruise
 with our dear friends, Kathy and Al Barrus
 and hanging out with this sting ray. 

 We have had a tradition, when we weren't traveling, we'd go back to the Grand America
to celebrate our anniversary. We would try to go to the Salt Lake Temple and
also to see Music and the Spoken Word on Sunday mornings. We love this tradition!
That's what we did for our 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th anniversaries.

 Our 9th Anniversary, we were in the middle of our first transfer as Missionaries. 

We also got our first visit with our missionary granddaughter, Sister Hatton-Ward!

and we managed to
go to a late dinner at Red Rocks Cafe in Charlotte.

Our 10th Anniversary we'll be busy in the office again this year.
BUT we have tickets to go see Phantom of the Opera with the Hunts and Cravens on the 11th!
This will be another special memory for us.
Happy 10th Anniversary, Elder Urban! Our love only gets sweeter with time!
Who said it wouldn't last?!

Though this wasn't at all what I started to write about tonight,
I promise that  next time I will try to catch up 
with our experiences of January 2015, including photos of our amazing missionaries!

Sending our love to y'all!

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