Sunday, February 2, 2014

Mission Office was BUSY this week

We began our week with Staff Meeting in President Craven's office. It was great to meet with our  President and Sister Craven. They are so busy and so dedicated and always have such a clear plan and positive outlook. They are quite inspiring leaders. It was good to get an overview of what was to come during this week...hopefully I will one day understand the whole picture!

Tuesday was the last Zone Conference before transfers and new missionaries 
coming this next Tuesday. It was the Charlotte Central Zone and was held at our Mission Office.
  I was happy to  be able to attend.

The morning was very COLD and Elder Urban was outside helping inspect the Zone vehicles. 

Car inspections and later vehicle safety training was given to the missionaries. 
There's a great guy named Steve who changes the oil in all the cars.

You might recognize the one on the left.....

Here's a better look. The missionaries LOVE his antlers!

Part of Zone Conference Training

Snow was forecast so all the schools (including the university) 
were closed in anticipation of snow. We waited and waited......
And finally a light snow began later that evening. Wednesday morning we awoke to about an inch of snow and North Carolina shut down! In all fairness, everything was very icy...

We didn't have to go to the Mission Office til 10 AM.
And YES, the schools were closed for a second day.

The view from our backyard of the apartment next to ours. 
I can't wait to see the trees in a couple of months. 
I've been told there will be lots of fireflies this summer hanging out in the trees!

The view from our hallway to the front of the building . Our garage in the 4th one from the left.

Looking out our door to the backyard

Looking at our Sun Room window (on left) where our desk and computer are.
 Our Front Door

We went to a Farewell dinner for Elder and Sister Bushman. 
I only wish that I could have gotten to know them better. I can tell they are amazing people!

 I ordered Barbecue Chicken (southern style), fresh asparagus and my first taste
of Cheesy Grits! (They were delicious but anything with that much butter and cheese
has to taste wonderful!)

Sister Bushman is our dear friend, Kerry Stenson's, sister and she lives 
about a mile from us in American Fork, Utah. Small world!

Thursday we got to take a road trip to the northern part of our mission, 
almost to the border of Virginia. Our goal was to take beds
and other furnishings to two mission apartments.
We were so close to Mt. Airy, 
where our granddaughter, Sister Hatton-Ward is serving. 
BUT we were obedient to the rules and didn't go see her! 

This is map of North Carolina from Charlotte to Mt. Airy. We drove  North on I 85
through Concord, Kannapolis, Lexington, Winston-Salem...

then on I 52 to King

past Tobaccoville (yes, Tobaccoville) and north til we arrived in Pilot Mountain.

Elders Morrow and Thurber were happy to receive their supplies.

It was a beautiful drive! This is a view of Pilot Mountain.

We also visited with two Sister Missionaries in Pilot Mountain, who had been in a car accident
the night before. I didn't get a photo of these two darling sisters
because they were not feeling up to a photo. Luckily they were not badly injured....
a little bruised and sore and shaken up. The members and investigators in Pilot Mountain
are wonderful to them. They are loved and have been well taken care of but
they needed some extra TLC and hugs and reassurance.
I was so grateful that Elder Urban and Elder Cornelius were able to give each of them
a Priesthood blessing. What a joy it was to feel The Spirit in their apartment
 and feel the comfort and peace that the Lord provides.
It was a Tender Mercy and a reminder that the Lord is mindful of each of us.
I was grateful to have been part of this experience.

We headed back south to deliver some new beds to Elder Stone, 
Elder Wright and Elder Schlather in Welcome , NC. Where in the world is Welcome, you may ask. (Look on the middle map above and it's about where the I 52 is North of Lexington)

Friday was another big meeting for the week. "ZLC" Zone Leaders Conference.
It's a privilege to be associated with these amazing young missionaries! 
They are the hope of our future!

Tonight we invited our Harrisburg Elders and neighbors,
 Elders Durfee and Youngstrom to dinner.

Our Annie Henry Painting finally was hung on the wall. So happy to be able to enjoy it.

This is our tiny kitchen as we were cleaning up from dinner. I managed to bake brownies, 
cheesy biscuits, a crock pot roast, mashed potatoes, gravy and salad 
with the limited space, limited bowls and pots that I have to work with. 
We only have 5 dinner plates so dishes are washed as we prepare. 
It's cozy and is beginning to feel like home :)

Elder Urban was delighted to taste these homemade brownies!

The only place to cool potatoes for potato salad that I'm making for Tuesday's lunch
for the 19 new missionaries. We feed them lunch and send them off
 with their trainers to their first assignments.
Dryers can be additional counter space when needed!

The new crock pot worked like a charm!

We send our love to you and pray that you will have a great week!

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