Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Tribute to My Dear Mom

Mary "Colleen" Jibson Justus

My Sister, Kat sent me this picture of a few little daffodils she saw tonight at our home in Utah. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, daffodils make me happy and renew my hope for new life.
 Perhaps that is what is giving me the strength to finally share my heart with you tonight. I've been struggling for several weeks with the knowledge that my mother is very ill with cancer once again. This is her third battle  with this horrible disease since 2008 but this time she is 
courageously looking forward to returning Home to our Heavenly Parents 
and reuniting with her son,  Billy and her husband and parents
 and all those ancestors who have influenced her life for good.
She is an amazing woman of great faith and I love her with all my heart. 
I know that all of you who know her love her too and I am so grateful for that!

Mom had surgery last Monday to remove a very large aggressive tumor 
from her neck/throat that was interfering with her 
swallowing, breathing, vocal chords, salivary glands, etc.
We all knew that this would not save her life but perhaps extend it long enough 
to be able to do a few fun things on her bucket list before she leaves us.

So now I need to admit that this has been an emotional roller coaster for me!
Mom has been our greatest support for Tom and I serving this mission!
She still is, even though she knows that we are so far away and won't be with her 
while she is taking this last journey.  I've always been there to help.
BUT I know that this is where the Lord wants us to be. 
I'm so very grateful for my Sister and my Brother and our children for the tender
loving care they are surrounding Mom with. My prayers are being answered.
But it is still so HARD! 

This is how I want to remember my mom!

and Roller Skating with me and her Visiting teachers

at 74 years old! She was so happy that day!

This was the reality of her surgery last week....smiling and hopeful!

My Sister, Kat and Brother, Gary by her side after the surgery.

So I decided to make a little tribute in photos for Mom while she is still with us!

Aunt Barbara and Mom

Mom, Grandma and Grandpa Jibson, Barbara and John

Mom as a young girl standing by their 15 foot trailer that was their home 
while Grandpa built roads in Idaho, Utah through Nevada to California

At the beach in California

Graduating from Washington High School in Fremont, CA

A new mom at 18 years old

Mom, her sister, Barbara and Mother Edna, my dear sweet Grandma

Mom, my Grandpa and Grandma Jibson and me in Declo, Idaho 
at my great grandmother's home

Mom, Dad, Me and Gary in Hayward, CA

Our family in 1956 when Billy was a baby

Mom, Grandma and Grandpa Jibson at my High School graduation

We shared everything, even being pregnant together!
OK I was the one with the crazy big hair!

The only picture I have with our entire family 
when Kat was a new baby and I was a new Mom.

Mom and Dad, Rick and Katy Girl

Dad, my brother Scott, Sarah and Mom

Gary, Me, Dad, Mom, Rick and Kat

Five generations

5 generations in 2004

June 2008 with mom so sick with her first bout with cancer.

After recovering from chemo, losing her hair and wearing a wig in 2008

Mom after surgery with her aunt,  Minnie, my hair just growing back after brain surgery.
 Tom is still sporting his mustache in 2009

Mom being presented a flag at Dad's funeral in April 2012.

Aunt Pauline and Mom in 2013. Best Friends!

I have more to share but it's 1 AM and I need to sleep.

Thinking of y'all with love.

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