Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A Week of Travel, Inspections and New Apartment Contracts

Elder Steed is one of our hardworking inspiring Assistants to the President. He also happens to be great friends with Annette Anderson's son, Tommy from Bluffdale, Utah

   Elder Stone is from Brentwood, California and a  friend of the Forkus Family who we love!

We checked out a new apartment for the sister missionaries 
in a little far away community called Mount Airy. I signed the papers
and they are now in a much better apartment. Love helping the missionaries.

Mount Airy is the original Mayberry. REALLY! This is where Andy Griffith grew up!
              If you look closely you can see Andy and Barney Fife hanging out near the bench.

Yup, these two men are playing checkers in front of Mayberry Country Store.

We really enjoyed the drive to and from Mount Airy! It's a beautiful little community, where our granddaughter, Sister Rachel Hatton-Ward spent several months of her mission.

We had a gorgeous sunset as we traveled back to Charlotte. 
These were the best photos I could get from a speeding car!

Mt Airy is almost on the Virginia border at the top of the map.

      The next week we drove to Boone to pack up an apartment of a Senior Couple 
who had completed their mission. Happy Day! They had left it spotless with everything 
packed and organized so it wasn't a lot of time and work for us. 
We enlisted the help of 2 Elders in the area to carry all the furnishings 
down the narrow stairs and load the trailer. 
They did a great job and no old people were injured during the move!


                  Boone is close to the Tennessee border on the West. (See above map)

Boone is gorgeous! It got it's name from none other than the famous pioneer/explorer 
Daniel Boone who camped on several occasions (as legend tells it)
at a site that was within the present city limits . 
Daniel's nephews Jesse and Jonathan (sons of brother Israel Boone), were the founders 
of the town's first church, Three Forks Baptist, which is still there today. 
This information and photo is courtesy of Wikipedia!

We definitely want to go back to Boone for a better look around when it gets a little warmer. 
File:Boone NC - aerial.jpg

Anyone interested in HOT JUMBO BOILED PEANUTS

or perhaps a great POSSUM SEASONING for your next Sunday dinner?

We had a delicious lunch at Coyote Kitchen before heading back to Charlotte.

We send our love to y'all!

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  1. I love reading your blog and feeling the joy you are having in the service of the Lord. One thing that always amazed me was how much love you feel and how much fun you can have while serving a mission. Stephen