Sunday, May 4, 2014

Easter Week

This is what an excited missionary looks like when she receives a package from home!

This week was a very busy one, especially for Elder Urban!  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were Zone Conferences in areas away from the office. He and Elder Andrus were on the road by 6:30 AM to arrive by 8 AM to start inspecting all the Mission cars. They have quite the efficient system going but it still takes many hours to get it all done. They also teach a vehicle safety class just before lunch and Tom has made it very fun for the missionaries. 
I wish I could video his presentation!

There are always bikes to repair and inspect.

Elder Urban and Elder Andrus and I spent a couple of hours in the pouring rain to load the van
 with furniture and household goods for an apartment for a new Senior couple 
 serving in North Wilkesboro, NC.

Notice the water running down the driveway of the storage unit.

Elder Skousen cheerfully carrying a new recliner up the stairs!

Elder Cutie, Elder Norris, Elder Skousen, Elder Hurst, 
Elder and Sister Klinker and Elder and Sister Andrus

We always try to take the Missionaries out to lunch or dinner when we are with them.

On our way back to Charlotte we stopped at a quaint little place called Cook Shack. 
We'd never been exposed to Bluegrass music before and we really loved it!
Pal came over and introduced herself to us and her family. 
We felt like we were invited in to our best friend's living room.

I googled Cook Shack, Union Grove, NC and this is a review that came up.

“Bluegrass Heaven: If you like bluegrass you will love this place. Walk into a friendly little cook shack and meet Pal, Miles and all their talented and down to earth customers. On Saturday stay for the jam session. Musicians stream in and out joining in on the music so either play or sit down and have a cup of joe and some hot food. There is nothing else like this place in the entire world.”

Notice the 3 "Tacks (Tax) Shelters" below

 Sister Andrus and I eating a rather stale drumstick ice cream cone in the pouring rain. 
It really was fun though!

I originally posted this picture of me pointing to the Getalong Rd sign on January 26.

Guess where we had our first Easter dinner in Charlotte?

The Lambert Home. (on Getalong Rd.)
Amy is Amanda and Brent's youngest daughter and she's a 2nd grade school teacher.
Their  home is beautiful and full of love and generosity. We loved being with them!

This is Brent's sister and her husband.

Sister Burns and Sister Devitt joined us for Easter Dinner. We love these sisters!

Easter is a wonderful opportunity for us to renew our relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ.

As you can tell I began this Blog post 3 weeks ago and just finished it today. Sorry!

We send our love to y'all!

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