Sunday, July 20, 2014

Our First Visitors

I haven't been on my blog for 2 1/2 months but I found some things
 I had worked on and never shared.

April 23rd was a much anticipated day....Missy and Ryan were coming to visit us!

We watched their Delta flight taxi to Gate One and I jumped out of the car 
in Cell Phone Lot 2 and ran to the chain link fence to get a picture of the plane.

Elder Cutie was thrilled with my enthusiasm!

One more picture of the plane from the car window as we were driving to the terminal.

We took them to their hotel so they could check in and then went to Big Daddy's for a late dinner.
It was our first time there too and it was really great!

Thursday morning we went to the Nascar Hall of Fame in Uptown Charlotte.
We'd heard lots about it from the missionaries who have gone there on their P Day.
It was interesting seeing the cars and learning more about racing.

Jesus loves you! I truly believe that! This was an interesting way to say it.

We walked through the 4th Ward Uptown Charlotte. We were so happy to see some of beautiful historic homes, parks, cemeteries and shops in Charlotte.

The Queen City was founded in 1768 and named for Queen Charlotte, 
wife of King George III of England. 
This statue of Queen Charlotte is in the center of Uptown.

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  1. Hello. How are you two? i just wrote some comments but I think they somehow got deleted; so here it goes again. It has been so so fun to read all of your happenings and to enjoy your pictures. You two are amazing people and I think of you both often. I hope you continue to be successful in your mission. So awesome that you had visitors. Yeah. Take Care, love, Cindy Delano