Sunday, March 1, 2015

Miracle Conversion Story

The Thomas Family

We met Barry and Christy Thomas last night, February 21st
at the office. We had gone back there Saturday night
to do some "catch up" after a very busy transfer.
They saw our car in the parking lot and were looking
for a ward to attend today. They live in Hendersonville, NC
and had come to Charlotte for their daughter, Faith. Faith had interviews
at Queen's University in Charlotte for scholarships. 
She was accepted there after she graduates from high school this year.
She also applied at BYU but is waiting to hear if she was accepted.
During our conversation, they mentioned that they were converts to the church.
I was prompted several times to ask them about their conversion and
when I did ask, I heard this amazing story that I never want to forget.
I'm telling this from my memory as best as I can, with permission from Christy.

In 2001 when Faith was 3 years old, she began having a vivid recurring dream.
In the dream a kind man dressed in white with no feet (she couldn't see his feet),
 was holding a golden book with "scribble scrabble" on it. 
Faith loved books and begged Him to read it to her, 
but He said he couldn't. Her mommy and daddy had to read it to her. 
When she woke up she insisted her parents find the book and read it to her.
They searched through all their children's books, 
even thinking it could be one of the golden story books. 
They would hold each book up one at a time and she would cry
because none of them was the golden book. 

This same dream would happen over and over again, 
except when she cried because "He couldn't read the book...
 her mommy and daddy would have to," 
she noticed that the Man visited her wearing a blue shirt and
had the same color hair as Faith. That's all she could remember.

Christy and Barry prayed for answers for their daughter.
They thought about taking her to a child psychologist.

They kept praying.

Someone suggested that Faith draw a picture of her dream.

Christy shared this picture with me today. It was drawn in March 2001 by Faith
Barry and Christy met the LDS missionaries many months later and as they
were taught about Joseph Smith's First Vision and about the gold plates,
they knew that this was the answer to their prayers. 
They knew that this book was the golden book Faith had been dreaming about!
The Thomas family attended their first LDS church meeting 
in April 2002. They were baptized in May 2002.
Christy said, "After we stepped out of the waters of baptism" 
we were given a golden Book of Mormon. 
She said it was a "Confirmation, a beautiful and precious thing."
She continued, "I'll never forget Faith's eyes and as if she was getting a present, 
saying 'Mommy,, you found the book. Did that man give it to you?' 
Barry and I cried..Faith was ready to go home 
because mommy and daddy needed to start reading it."
They tried to explain to her that they'd been reading a "blue Book of Mormon
but she wanted the golden one with the black scribble scrabble."

Christy sent me these photos of the Golden Book of Mormon
they were given after they were baptized.

There is much more to this story that we'll be able to read in the Ensign one day.
I feel so privileged to be permitted to share this much with you.

I have felt an eternal connection with Christy and Barry.
They have already touched my heart deeply!

Last Sunday, they came to our Harrisburg Ward and worshipped with us.
It was wonderful to be with them.

Barry              Christy                Colby                 Faith
"We felt truly blessed to share our spiritual testimony of how Heavenly Father used our little girl
to get our attention and prepare us for what I had been praying for----the truth". 
                                                                                                                          Christy Thomas

We found out this morning that Faith was also accepted to BYU!
I know what I'm hoping for......

We had a beautiful Fast and Testimony Meeting today.
Many small children bore simple Spirit filled testimonies 
of the Savior and of the Book of Mormon. I reflected on how 
the Lord is preparing these little ones to lead us. I thought of Faith
and of her wonderful believing parents who were being prepared
for the truth of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I'm so grateful to know them.
This experience was a gift...a Tender Mercy!

Sending our love to y'all!

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