Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Beginning of March with A Little Bit of Winter and Happy Easter

The end of February brought us a little snow in Charlotte and a whole lot 
in other areas of the South and the East. Schools were closed for a week
with this little bit of snow and the frigid temperatures. Only in the South!
There were some mission car accidents because of slick roads 
but no one was injured! Thank goodness!

Some things can't wait a minute longer!
Tom is concentrating so hard to help his wife and he did a wonderful job!
This "selfie" is my way of saying Thanks to my wonderful companion.

Elder and Sister Hunt went with us to Guilford to help vacate Elder and Sister Reidhead's
apartment so the Guilford Sisters Gunther and Dahle could move in.

Elder Rasmussen and Elder Toki, Guilford Elders were a great help!

Elder Hunt

and Elder Urban wrestling the washer and dryer.

Elder Rasmussen and Elder Toki are MASTER MOVERS and PACKERS.
We didn't think they could get all the furniture in the trailer BUT the Elders
said their Tetris skills made this packing possible!

Elder Smith and Elder Mastin in Reedy Creek Ward

We took a desk to the Sharon Sister Training Leaders, 
Sister Rifleman, Sister Kronmiller and Sister Scott

then on to Fort Mill where we moved Elder Carson and Elder Sherman 
into a new apartment in the newly created Fort Mill 2nd Ward.
Elder Abbott, Elder Sherman, Elder Urban, Elder Harrison and Elder Carson

 then on to Catawba to deliver a bed for Elder Gregory.
The Catawba Elders just moved within the same complex to a 2 bedroom apartment.
Did I mention it's on the 3rd floor!
Elder Abbott, Elder Kenney and Elder Hurst

There is so much to "catch up" on but no time to do it.
April is almost here and Transfers begin tomorrow through Wednesday!
Perhaps next Sunday after General Conference there will be time for more....

Did I mention that we are so excited because Doni and her friend
will be coming to visit this week?!

We wish you a joy filled Easter week. How blessed we are to have
General Conference on Easter Sunday as we celebrate the Resurrection of
our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is my Redeemer. I know that He Lives! 
I know that His Love and Light will bless each of us 
with peace and joy as we Follow Him.

Because He Lives

Sending our love to Y'all!

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